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Slicer Blades

F-B-S patented slicer blades the right edge profile for each cutting task.

Slicerblades for the Bakeware industry The incision and the intersection are more accurate than ever before. This ensures a slice thick-ness consistency over the entire cutting area. We are constantly improving our product range which includes a wide selection of tooth profiles. The tooth profile is adapted to the respective requirements of the product being cut. Consult our experts.
Starring: amongst our range of machine knives there is a slicer blade with a Micro-Tooth edge. With this F-B-S patented product you will achieve a huge advantage in slicing performance and service life as determined by an exellent smooth, fast and consistent cut – compared to regular edge profiles. This special toothed slicer blade is particularly suitable for high fiber, firm and hard crust breads. Technical solutions for today and tomorrow –precision in metal.

FBS-Pat N°
FBS-Z 400 Schnittprofil
FBS-Z 300 Schnittprofil
FBS-Z 200 Schnittprofil
FBS-Z 100 Schnittprofil