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Coating of knives, bakeware and technical equipments

Beschitete Backwarenträger und IndustrieformenF-B-S is a specialist in the area of non-stick coatings. We are leading in the coating of fly cutters, reciprocating knives, slicer blades and circular or spiral knives in the food industry. Wherever substances must be separated from each other by cutting and where any residue on blades must be avoided – F-B-S is your competent partner. Our hightech coating procedures make it possible to apply layers of only a few 1000ths of a millimetre thickness. This ensures that you have a technological advantage in your daily production process. Priorities in the technical industry are the accuracy of the application and, as far as coatings are concerned, non-stick or anti-corrosive properties. Areas of use: ceramics, plastics, metals; regardless of whether they are machine components or spare parts. Use the specialists of our service team to find the appropriate solution out of our wide range of coatings. Functional coatings for today and tomorrow.

beschichtung für backwarenträger

This coating is food safe and hygienic harmless because it contains no chemical additives that could provide a culture medium for enzymatic or microbiological pathogens. Thus the fluoropolymer coating is BfR and FDA approved which guarantees that the highest hygienic requirements will be observed.

Beschichtungen für Industrieformen

The advantage for the user of using fluoropolymer-based non-stick coatings in various manufacturing, processing and technological sectors is the optimisation of each production process.

Antibakterielle Antihaftbeschichtung für Backwaren und Lebensmittelträger

BAL 2001 coated substrates comply with the recommendations of the German Federal Health Authority regarding the manufacture of bake- and cookware. It´s understood that this coating does not mean that you no longer need to observe current hygienic standards of regular cleaning.

F-B-S Service

Pretreatment and processing steps of the substrates to be coated

Apply (also several times)
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