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FBS exhibitions Visit us this at:

Hall 1 Booth G31 22.10. to 25.10.2016

Hannover Messe
24.04. to 28.04.2017

Messe IBA
15.09. to 20.09.2018
Cutting F-B-S patented slicer blades – the right edge profile for each cutting task.

The incision and the intersection are more accurate than ever before.
This enscures a slice thick-ness consistency over the entire cutting area.
We are constantly improving our product range which includes a wide selection of tooth profiles.
The tooth profile is adapted to the respective requirements of the product being cut.  
Coating F-B-S is a specialist in the area of non-stick coatings.
Our coating procedures make it possible to apply layers of only a few 1000ths of a millimetre thickness.

Use the specialists of our service team to find the appropriate solution out of our wide range of coatings.
Coating systems for the engineering industry Non-stick coatings in the tool sector

The use of non-stick coatings in moulds, casting tools, foaming moulds, laminating tools, on tools for the plastics and rubber processing industry and for the  packaging industry brings great benefits to the user:
• Noise reduction
• cycle times reduction
• Release agent reduction (MAC)
• Cleanliness
• Quality enhancement
• Waste reduction  

Welcome to F-B-S Balke International GmbH & Co.KG

  • Machine knives
  • reciprocating blades
  • slicer blades
  • backware
  • non-stick coatings

For over 50 years F-B-S has been one of the leading companies
for non-stick coating and electric knives in the food-, packaging-,
technical-, automotive- and chemical industries.

Made in Solingen